Going to the Blue

Toes in the Water

Is one of the reasons we have children just to remind ourselves of those simple joys of life?  On Friday, we ventured out to Big Creek State Park with Grandma.  Though my two-year old son (“E”) has visited some smaller pools with mixed reviews, this was our first journey onto a beach and into lake water, and I wasn’t sure how it would go.  To my delight, he loved it.

Each part of the experience was new.  We took a slow, tentative walk across a deep beach, feeling every footstep as our toes squished into the sand.  E is still a bit sand-shy.  He wasn’t sure about these “little rocks” and getting dirty, but curiousity and the water ahead pulled him forward.

As we got closer to the water and dumped our supplies, E was quick to head forward, investigating some miniature canals dug by some fellow, older boys and borrowing their toy fishing net to swing around.  Within minutes, E’s toes were in the water, hand held tightly to mine.  He was so observant–quickly discovering the “fishies” (tiny minnows?) that Grandma and I failed to see.  He tested the water first with his toes and legs, feeling the water lap against him.  Then his hands and arms joined in swishing and splashing.  Occasionally he’d go back to shore to walk through the sand and canals and to play with his bucket and shovel, but it was the water that kept drawing him back.  Finally, E completed his exploration by dipping his hair and face into the water, pulling up quickly with a gasp and a giggle.  As we neared the end of our visit to the lake, E kept pulling me deeper and pointing out to the middle of the lake, saying, “I want to go to the blue.”  I think he wanted to go where the blue sky reflected in the lake water.  If possible, he probably would have kept walking further and further, always reaching out for that blue.

Grandma and I enjoyed observing our little guy.  I think we were both filled with memories of summers spent on Lake Delavan in Wisconsin–sun soaked, water logged, and totally content.  Though we no longer have that cottage to visit, it’s heart-warming to pass on that love of the lake.

What are your water memories?