Stealing Back Moments


I am a writer.  I am also a perfectionist, which lately has meant that I am a lousy writer. Writers write; I don’t.  I haven’t written for a while, at least.  I often think about writing.  I get ideas all of the time–while driving my car, talking to my curious (almost) four year old son, or playing with my infant daughter.  Especially now that I’m on summer break and finished with grad school, the ideas are flowing.  In my head, I craft beginnings to blogs and personal narratives while in the shower or folding laundry.  The trouble is, it’s hard to find the time to put pen to paper.  I never feel that I can give it the time needed to make my writing just right–to analyze and revise and revise again.  Because of that, nothing gets written.  Not…one…word.  My blog readers, I’m sorry to say, because of these excuses, you’ve missed some darn good writing!

Excessive hIMG_2334ubris aside, it’s time to get back to the pen and the keyboard and to try this blog thing again.  I am going to let my perfectionism fall by the wayside and just get my voice out there–even if it’s darn awful.

So…it’s time to steal some moments back for my writing self.  While my baby is busy exploring under the table, my son is having some tech time on the couch, and the spaghetti sauce is a-bubblin’ on the stove, I’ll make a new entry into my trusted, patient writer’s notebook. Let’s see what comes of it!